Flotation Skimmers

Baner poziomy z fragmentem logo Biox zbieracz flotatów.
  • for removing flotation and scum accumulating on the sewage surface,
  • for homogenization of the tank contents.

Flotation collectors are used to collect pollutants accumulating in a specific place on the sewage surface in the form of foam or scum in order to homogenize them or remove them outside the tank. The devices are mounted on floats that allow operation with any fluctuations in the sewage level.

The ZBF type flotation collector consists of a drain trough and floats. Pollutants are collected from the sewage surface using a drain trough, which is fixed stationary in relation to the floats. The overflow edge of the trough is immersed at a constant, pre-set depth below the sewage surface. The immersion depth of the overflow edge is set using adjustment screws. The connection flange allows the trough to be equipped with any drain fitting: stub, elbow or submersible pump. The drain connector is used to attach a flexible drain hose. The drainage capacity is regulated by changing the closing of the gate valve at the drain hose outlet or by changing the pump capacity. The spar is used to attach the hook during disassembly or when lowering the picker to the working position using a davit.

Floats allow you to work with any fluctuations in the sewage level. A pantographic (articulated) or roller stabilization system is used to stabilize the horizontal position of the double-float collector. Three-float collectors are automatically stabilized thanks to the wide spacing of the floats. Collectors are designed to collect pollutants located in the immediate vicinity of the drainage trough. In cases where flotates accumulate on a larger surface of the tank, it is necessary to induce movement of the surface layer of sewage, causing the contaminants to move to the collector’s workplace.


Dimensions of floats: 1000 x 2025 mm

Drain hose diameter: 60 - 110 mm

Stabilization system: articulated or roller

Files to download
karta katalogowa - Zbieracze flotatów dwupływakowe ZBF
karta katalogowa - Zbieracze flotatów dwupływakowe ZBF z pompą
karta katalogowa - Zbieracze flotatów trzypływakowe ZBF z pompą