Self-supporting guide

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  • convenient and safe assembly and disassembly of the mixer,
  • changing the working height and setting the lock at any depth,
  • rotating the mixer around the vertical axis and locking it in any position,
  • servicing and safe operation in a position directly above the platform without the need for any disassembly.

The PSN type self-supporting guide is used to install and operate Hydra and Turbo submersible mixers in catchments, pumping stations, sewage treatment plants and other tanks. The design of the guide allows rotation and locking of the mixer around the vertical axis of the column and setting the working position at any height using the height lock. The guide is equipped with a winch, so there is no need to install a separate system for lifting and lowering the device.

The PSN self-supporting guide consists of an upper handle, a winch and a working position lock. For proper operation, a guide column is required and should be provided by the customer. The upper handle is attached to the platform or tank crown. Thanks to the special design of the guide, it does not have a lower foot and, as a result, there is no need to anchor it to the ground. This is especially important in the case of tanks with irregular shapes and those in which there is no risk of damaging the internal insulation of the tank.

Due to the possibility of vibrations when using a guide column that is too long, its length should be selected in accordance with the table:

The guide can be equipped with 2 types of winches:

Galvanized winch – all guide elements are made of stainless steel except the winch, which is made of galvanized steel – standard material.

Stainless steel winch – all guide elements and the winch are made of stainless steel – a solution recommended for environments with high humidity, aggressive atmosphere, etc.


Rotation limiter – prevents the mixer from rotating beyond the set range so that it does not hit the tank wall or to mark the correct operating position of the mixer.


Max mass of the mixer: up to 125 kg

Column profile: square with a side 50 - 80 mm

Max length of the guide column: 5 m

Files to download
technical card - self-supporting guide PSN