We are at our customers' disposal at every stage, from selecting the right device, order fulfillment, through efficient delivery and operation, to service activities.

We make every effort to ensure that every order is properly handled, that products comply with the catalog, that devices are delivered on time, and that repairs are made quickly. The services offered by BIOX cover the entire life cycle of the devices we produce.

We provide you with a full range of maintenance services provided by our employees:

Ordering process:
Sposób zamawiania
How to order

To speed up the ordering process, please provide the exact device symbol, symbol description can be found in the product tab appropriate for the device type. If you are not sure which type of device will work best in your case, please contact our sales department, we will help you choose the right model.

Termin realizacji
Completion time

The completion time depends on the quantity and type of devices ordered. In the case of basic variants, it usually does not exceed 2 weeks, but in the case of multi-variant products that are made for specific customers requirements, the delivery period may be longer. When placing an order, you will always receive an approximate delivery date.

Potwierdzenie zamówienia
Order confirmation

In each case, after placing the order, you should receive a confirmation containing all important information regarding the order, i.e. type of device, quantity, price, approximate date and place of delivery and the ordering party’s details. If you have not received confirmation, it may mean that we have not received your order.

Sposób płatności

We trust our customers. We do not require prepayment for placed orders, the standard payment deadline is 14 days and is counted from the date of delivery of the device to the address indicated in the order. The invoice and technical documentation are sent separately to the company’s registered office address.

Dostawa urządzeń

We deliver the order to the indicated address using the services of transport companies, the delivery cost is included in the order confirmation and invoiced together with the devices. If you would like to use your own courier or collect the order in person, please arrange this at the stage of placing the order.

Proces obsługi
Complaint handling process

To submit a warranty complaint or post-warranty repair, please complete and send the complaint form to the following address sales@biox.pl lub serwis@biox.pl.

Within 24 hours our employee will contact you to confirm the information submitted in the form and arrange details regarding the shipment of the damaged device.

After receiving the shipment and determining the cause of the damage, we will send you information about the acceptance of the warranty claim or a repair calculation if the damage was not covered by the warranty or a post-warranty repair was reported.

After you accept the repair costs and complete the repair, we send the repaired device to the address you provided. For the devices we renovate, you are entitled to a 6-month warranty covering the elements subject to repair.