Collapsible cranes

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ZS cranes are used to operate equipment in catchments, pumping stations and sewage treatment plants. The use of a crane is intended to eliminate manual lifting of heavy assemblies during their assembly, operation or replacement. The folding crane is used for vertical lifting or lowering and horizontal movement (rotation of the crane column around the vertical axis) of loads whose weight does not exceed 150-350 kg.

  • for installation and operation of pumps, mixers, jet oxygenators, grid baskets, etc.

Device varieties:

Standard version – the standard ZS crane allows lifting loads to a height of up to 2.2 m and has a reach of up to 1.5 m.

Special version – the ZS crane, made in the compact version, has a jib that is 450 mm shorter, which makes the crane more convenient in transport and in some applications.


Crane foot – in order to enable the mounting of cranes in various terrain conditions, we offer two types of bases. H-type bases are designed to be mounted on a horizontal surface, V-type bases are attached to vertical walls.

The base is attached to the ground using four screws or M16 chemical anchors with a strength class of min. 5.6  mounted in accordance with the manufacturer’s assembly instructions in a way that ensures transfer of their full strength. The use of identical screws to fasten the bases of all ZKM, ZKU and ZS cranes allows for their easy replacement later, e.g. if it is necessary to use a crane of a different type or with a higher capacity at the same workstation.

Chain hook – If the mixer or pump is suspended on a chain at the workstation to conveniently raise or lower the device with a crane, a chain hook can be installed at the end of the crane’s winch cable.

The self-hitch is designed for lifting and lowering pumps and mixers weighing up to 250-500 kG suspended on chains with a chain wire diameter of 4 to 10 mm made according to the DIN766 or DIN763 standard.

An essential condition for using the self-hitch is to be absolutely sure that it is correctly attached to the pump chain during lifting.

S8   – for chain link wire diameter from 4 to 6 mm and load capacity up to 250 kG

S10 – for chain link wire diameter from 6 to 8 mm and load capacity up to 350 kG

S12 – for chain link wire diameter from 8 to 10 mm and load capacity up to 500 kG


Weight: 49-57 kg

Max lifting capacity: 125-800 kg

Reach: 0,45-1,8 m

Files to download
technical card - collapsible cranes ZS 150-350