Flotation Sinkers

Baner poziomy z fragmentem logo Biox zbieracz flotatów.
  • for sinking and homogenizing flotsam, scum and scum accumulating in a specific place on the sewage surface.

The ZTF scum sink allows for submerging and homogenizing contaminants accumulating in the form of scum or scum in a specific place on the sewage surface. Appropriate location of the sinker on small tanks causes an automatic inflow of floatates towards the sinker. In cases where flotates accumulate on a larger surface of the tank, circulation should be initiated to move it to the place of operation of the sinker. The flotation sinker is mounted on floats, allowing operation at any fluctuations in the sewage level.

The sheepskin sinker consists of a drainage trough (overflow), floats with a stabilization system and stubs for connecting air ducts and a stabilization system. Lateral stability is ensured by widely spaced floats, and longitudinal stability is ensured by a system that stabilizes the horizontal position of the floats.


Mixer engine power: 0,5 - 4,0 kW

Efficiency: up to 100 - 1100 m3/h

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